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Auto-numbering rows in MySQL

The following SQL snippet shows how to add an auto-numbering id field to each row of data returned by a query in MySQL/MariaDB.

@autoid := @autoid + 1 as autoid,
from mysql.user u
cross join (select @autoid := 0) aid
order by u.User, u.Host;

This takes the data in the users table in and adds a column to the start called autoid which starts at 1 and increments for each user in the table. These results are sorted by the User and Host fields.

A few tips:

  • You can start at any value e.g. instead of select @autoid := 0 if you want to start as say 1000 use select @autoid := 1000
  • You can order by any combination of field(s) or not at all.

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